The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School

Year 11

Director of Learning: Ms K. Leyshon

Year Office: M3


Curriculum guide

Click here  to see what we learn in Year 11. (For more details on individual subjects go to Departments here.)

 Key dates for Year 11:



Tue 5 Sep

Term starts at 11.30 a.m.

Tue 19 Sep

Tutor evening surnames A-L

Thu 21 Sep

Tutor evening surnames M-Z

w/c 16 Oct

Charity week

Tue 21 Nov

Year 11 parents’ consultation evening

Wed 29 Nov

6th form open evening

4-13 Dec

Pre-public exams

Fri 12 Jan

Exam results assembly

24-26 Jan

Villiers Park residential

Thu 1 Feb

If only evening

Mon 19 Feb

Non-student day

26 Feb – 2 Mar

Pre-public exams Maths and English

Thu 15 Mar

Spring concert

Tue 27 Mar

Whole school photo

w/c 16 Apr

English literature paper 1 pre-public exam

Mon 23 Apr

Spring into Dance

Fri 15 Jun

Sports day

25-30 Jun

Transition week – Yr 11 to Sixth Form

Mon 25 Jun

Year 11 Graduation

26-29 Jun

Holmstead Manor residential

Sat 30 Jun

Year 11 Prom


Year 11 documents and letters:

Click here for the English Dept 11/1/2018 Letter re Pre-Public Exams and Revision.

Click here for the Post PPE Results and Report Letter 17/1/2018.

Click here for the GCSE PE Revision letter.

Click here for the Year 11 Attendance Prize letter

There is plenty of useful advice to help you in our Pastoral Support Links section.

Rewards and Social Development

 It is important that the pupils feel their efforts are appreciated throughout the year and we would like to ensure that a healthy social and academic balance is maintained for all students.  Please encourage your child to take part in the social events on offer during the year as we feel it will be beneficial to their happiness and therefore their school performance.




 21st October

Year 11/12/13 Fright night trip to Thorpe Park

21st October

Celebration assembly

24th October

Reward breakfast for pupils with the highest effort grades

November tbc

Year 10/11 trip to laser shooting

13th January

Celebration assembly

16th January

Reward breakfast for pupils with the highest effort grades

17th February

Celebration assembly

20th February

Reward breakfast for pupils with the highest effort grades


Year 11 trip – venue tbc

7th April

Celebration assembly

26th June

Year 11 Graduation

1st July

Year 11 Prom

24th August 

GCSE Examination results day