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Year 11 into 12 

Joining the 6th Form in 2021? 

Please get your application to us by 15th January. Later applications will be considered, but we build our timetable around the course choices received by that date. 

Year 11 into 12 - transition conversations 

We look forward to discussing the plans of all our Year 11s during the first two weeks of February. 

Exam results day 

Results day is Thursday 12th August 2021 for GCSE's 

Years 12 & 13 

Building up your experience in a Covid-dominated world 

Unifrog have details of a large number of online work experience, scholarships, gap years and other special opportunities. (NB: although some of these are household names, we are not able to check them all for you, and parents/ carers are advised to make their own checks of their safeguarding policies). 

Year 12 

Year 12 are now on Unifrog! 

All Yr 12 students should have received an email from Unifrog on their school account. Please check your junk mail if you haven’t seen it and makes sure you sign up and add your teachers so they can write your reference!  

Year 13 

UCAS deadline! 

The deadline for final applications to be sent to UCAS is 6pm on 15th January. You need to have paid and sent your application before 4th January to allow us time to do our checks if you wish to meet this deadline! 

Personal statement help 

There are many help pages available for you, but this offering from Newcastle University caught our eye. They even offer a downloadable ebook to help you get going.   

Sixth Form - Year 12/Year 13 - Exam Timetables

Dates and times of Y12 PPE exams can be found HERE

Yr12 PPE Exams - ALL AFTERNOON EXAMS START AT 1:15 - NOT 1:30 as stated on your individual timetables.

Exam results day 

Results day is Tuesday 10th August 2021 for A and AS levels                                                             

Other Important Information

To view the Key Stage 5 Careers Education programme [within our 6th Form Tutor programme] please click here.





Student Finance - Financial support is available for full-time students going to University.