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Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities during Lockdown

We appreciate that another school closure and readjusting to online learning and lack of face-to-face interactions with friends is challenging for all our students. For students with SEND these challenges can be even more complicated and the Learning Support Team are working to offer support to students as effectively as we can.

Direct Support from the Learning Support Team:

Students with EHCPs and other students who are known to us as facing additional challenges with learning have been contacted to offer support.

If your child is struggling with online learning and has not accessed our support, please contact Ms Quaglieri the school SENCO and she will ensure that one of the team gets in touch to see how we can help.

Access to appropriate technology:

As we have moved to online learning, it is essential that students have access to electronic devices that enable them to access this learning. If this is proving difficult, do please let us know and we will do what we can to help.

If you are unsure how your child can access online learning, please see the quick guide at the end of this information.

Software to Support Learning:

For students who struggle with reading, there are various text-to-speech packages available that can read on-screen information aloud for students, many of these can be downloaded free.

Microsoft has dictation and screen-reading features built in (as do most smartphones.) From a Microsoft Word document you can access Read Aloud from the Review tab at the top – this will read aloud any word or section of the text that the student highlights.

If your child suffers from visual stress and finds reading black on a white background difficult, this video demonstrates ways of adjusting the built-in screen tinting features without the need for specialist software.

Students who are not proficient with keyboard skills might benefit from trying out one of these free online typing courses:  - designed for students with Visual Impairments, also single-handed  

BBC Dance Mat Typing – for young children, fun and rewarding

Freetypinggame - font can be enlarged, includes games  

Support for Parents

We recognise that supporting students with SEND at home requires time and patience and may be extremely difficult for parents who are also having to work from home and/or care for other family members.

BBC Bitesize have brought together links to a range of organisations and resources that may be helpful to parents of students with SEND:  Parents' Toolkit SEND - BBC Bitesize

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The following websites offer advice on how to support young people’s mental health:

Young Minds ( offers support to young people and has a special helpline for parents/carers who are concerned about their child’s wellbeing - 

Online Courses for Parents 

  • West Sussex Mind is offering free training online courses in mental health awareness 

Quick Guide to accessing online learning materials

To log in into Office 365 to access Microsoft Teams for online lessons:

  1. Open the school website
  2. Click in Enter full website here.
  3. Then click into Office 365
  4. Use their school email address: ''insert email address here''
  5. Their password should be the same one they use to log into the school computers (if they don't remember please contact us to reset it)
  6. Once there, they will have access to Teams where the teachers will set videocalls for every one of their daily lessons, at the same time as they would be having their lessons in school. 

 To log into their Satchel:one /Show My Homework account will require the following:

  • Open the school website
  • Click in Enter full website here
  • Then click into Satchel:one at the bottom of the page.
  • Click in "student"
  • Select "I already have an account"
  • Find their school (Holy Trinity C of E School CRAWLEY)
  • Type school email address as log in details
  • Try to type a password
  • If the password is wrong a message will appear asking if you would like to reset the password.
  • Click in it to receive a reset email.
  • Go to Office 365 and open "OUTLOOK"
  • They should have an email from Satchel:one to reset their password
  • Open the email and follow the instructions to reset it.

A student’s school email address is formatted like this: where ‘user’ is the username they would use to log into a computer in school.

Useful Links

Further information to support students with their remote learning can be reached using the links below: