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Year 11 GCSE Information 2022/23

Summer 2023 Public Exams - Timetable - Timetable to Follow


An evening to help parents and students set up the year was held in September.  The presentation from that evening which covers useful hints and tips from a variety of different subjects and perspectives can be found here.

Year 11 Subject Revision Support Sessions

Our first full 'Support' cycle will begin on Monday 17th October; it includes most subjects and those that are missing will ‘come on line’ later.  Some coursework support sessions have already started​.

We ask that you give special attention and focus on our creative subjects and those that have coursework requirements at the beginning of the year​.

The table below provides you with the after school timetable for KS4 support sessions.  Please speak to subject teachers for further details about what is being offered as different sessions will have different foci​.

We appreciate there will be clashes.  In discussion with your teachers you will need to plan the most effective sessions to attend each week​.

Science Mondays:

Science are going to follow a slightly different model on their Mondays to all other subject interventions​.

Science would like all students to attend their sessions and they have ensured that one of their two teachers will be delivering the session to their own class​.

This means we are in a position in Science to deliver an additional lesson to all students​.

Study support cycle No.1 Year 11 (22-23)

This Cycle will run from Monday 17th October until Friday 16th December and will happen on a weekly basis. Talk to your teachers for more information.


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